Let Me Introduce Myself…

Hi there. my name is Simona Trosman and I am a highly driven, motivated, professional, and determined to Use my creative abilities to your advantage.

I’m an accomplished Honors graduate of York University’s Communication Studies program. I come offering hands on experience within multiple fields of employment; including assisting in growing one of Canada’s leading online Marketplaces, as well as Marketing and Content Writing for various fashion brands. I am also highly knowledgeable in helping companies grow and enrich their sales potential by obtaining, and promoting, new accounts in all necessary aspects.

With a passion for Fashion, Photography, Travel, Health & Wellness, there is no shortage of potential for Freelance Creative Content Writing, Marketing, Editing, and Company Growth.

It is my persistence, passion, and drive to strive within my creative field that gives me the continuous motivation to grow my portfolio through contract and freelance opportunities. By taking the extra time to learn and perfect all of my contracts I am confident that I will persevere in this growing field.

With a Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies, my schooling was focused around Media and its effects on its audience. I have both learned and worked in analyzing and dissecting what needs to be done to create the right voice for each target market .

Along with my degree, I offer 4 years work experience in the field. Working in Account Management and Marketing for two growing E-Commerce websites, I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of businesses in various fields and sizes. I have also flourished in helping them find the best ways in which to grow and market both their products and their image through online sales. Along with my past roles, I have done freelance work in reviewing brands online as a Marketing effort to gain further exposure for my clients and raise brand awareness.

If you are interested in working with me to grow your company’s online exposure, create new and enriched content, or simply consult with an outside source on potential growth opportunities please contact me anytime at trosman.simona@gmail.com.