A Taste Of Heaven: Eva’s Original Chimney Cones

Last year on my first trip to Prague (a must visit if you haven’t before), I became OBSESSED with what they called Trdelník, a Czech desert (also known as Kürtőskalács in Hungarian) made of rolled dough that they wrap around a large metal stick, and then grill. This is then usually topped with sugar, walnut mix, or nothing at all. Inside you can choose to add stuff like Chocolate, cream cheese, fruits and/or Ice Cream.

Everywhere I walked they sold these incredible deserts, and I made sure to get at least one daily to make sure I filled up on them before I came home to Toronto.

Unfortunately when I got back, I was so addicted to these deserts I spent days googling where I could get one here to fulfill my needs as a hungry woman with a major craving. They were all I could think of, I was an addict.

To my surprise I found one spot that just opened up in Toronto that made and sold these little tastes of heaven. After standing in a 30 minute lineup outside of Eva’s Original Chimney Cones located at 454 Bloor Street West, I was one of the lucky few to get in on their opening weekend. Since then I have made sure to go back as often as possible hitting either their downtown location, pop up shops, or following their summer food truck like a total groupie.


With 16 favors of Chimney Cones to choose from and 7 Chimney Cakes, there is definitely something for everyone.

As stated on their website, Eva’s cones are “made fresh on the premises daily with 100% natural and mostly organic ingredients and is vegan. There are only seven ingredients. Most of our toppings are house made from scratch locally by Val of Sweet Carnival Cakes. You may now drool and run over to one of their locations…  Please bring me one while at it.

Rating: 5/5

I have so far tried 2 different Chimney Cakes, and 4 Chimney Cones from either their store or truck and am working my way through the menu.

In my opinion there is no going wrong with the Walnut glazed Chimney Cake with Nutella filling. This my go to desert and it will never let me down. It is a classic, rich in flavor, and the perfect amount of messy with its soft dough and melted chocolate. The great thing about the way the dough is made is it swirls. This way you do not need to bite in, but simply unwind the dough while eating.

Rating: 5/5

My second option if i’m feeling more adventurous would have to be the the Chocolate S’mores. This cone comes in variations depending on the location you get it at. Here you have the perfect graham cracker cone filled with marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, and chocolate. Some locations may add other ingredients to make it more unique to them. This cone is Instagram perfect for the #InstaFoodies out there, and simply delicious for anyone who loves sweets. It also comes with a mini wooden spoon you can use to eat your ice cream if needed… Me on the other hand- shoved my face in and never looked back.

Rating: 3/5

From everything I have tried, I’d have to say the only one I would not come back to would be the Lemon Berry Mascarpone. Here I chose to add on brownies and use Lactose Free Vanilla Ice Cream customizing my Chimney Cake a bit. Though I love me some sour, this cone was a bit much taking away from the potential flavors it could have had. The vanilla ice cream mixed with raspberry bits were amazing, however the lemon drizzle and powder on the cone was to much causing me to twitch more than actually eat which was sad because the cone is always my favorite part. However if you were a fan of warheads, or eating lemons, definitely try this one out as it may be your piece of heaven.

This is one of my favorite places to go for a weekend treat in Toronto. Not only does it make me nostalgic for Prague, but it is authentic, and delicious. The employees are great at accommodating your dietary needs to the best of their ability, and the watching them make your Cones is fun.

I’d recommend this place 5/5. Try it out and let me know what you think too!


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