Coffee Art: Himalayan Java House Toronto Review

There are certain things in life that truly make me happy, and one of those are coffee shops.  There is nothing more relaxing than grabbing a warm cup of coffee with a friend or significant other and talking for hours. Or simply opening a book and having some time to yourself.

Coffee shops are my go-to place when I want to gossip, think, or work, and I am ALWAYS on the look out for somewhere new to go or try – suggestions welcome btw.


Recently, I got very lucky with a new recommendation given to me about this incredibly cute cafe located at Yonge & Eglinton, Toronto. Not only do they make amazing coffees with Himalayan Java Beans but they also have the sweetest hot chocolate I’ve had in a while. Now I know most coffee shops can make great tasting coffee so whats so great about this place you may ask? Their coffee art obviously. I’ve come to learn that each great place I discover always has one special thing about them, if its themed, specialized in certain foods, or more.

From outside, they have their windows covered in images of all the amazing designs they have already made. From characters like Winnie the Poohs tiger and friends, to celebrities like Marilyn Monroe. Each cup a new design better than the last.


This small hole in the wall really isn’t big in size, keeping it intimate. It has fairly basic decor featuring two communal tables, one small table with 2 arm chairs, and maybe 5 small tables along the wall. Other than its seating, they have the sweetest bookshelf holding books for adults, as well as toys and books for kids to keep busy with.

I’ve so far come to this coffee house two weekends in a row and was in awe each time. First getting their hazelnut latte- super rich in flavor AND made with lactose free milk (kudos to the woman who was able to make art with this). She drew what looked like a little marshmallow man for me which was amazing in my opinion as I usually get hearts or swirls at the local second cup. This was my first time seeing real art, not only made with milk froth but also featuring chocolate and what looked like red dye as features to my drink.


My second time going, both me and my boyfriend got their hot chocolate which was amazing. It wasn’t to thin in flavor and watered down, but also not too thick that your mouth starts to stick together. On these, we got the CUTEST little poop and toilet paper couples art… Yes to some this would be odd, but for me, I giggled for a good 5 minutes in amazement of how much I loved it. We also both got deserts for the first time here which did not disappoint. We tried their chocolate croissant warmed up (very moist and chocolaty), and caramel brownie. Though the brownie was a bit hard and should have been warmed up too, once you hit the caramel center it was delicious and soft.

All in all, this place was an awesome experience with its creative latte art in a sweet down to hearth cafe in Toronto. In an area so busy with people, this was a good escape to talk and just catch our breath. I loved that they were able to create colored art as I have never seen anything like this before (other than on google). The baristas are skilled, kind, and truly make the experience here worth repeating.

I’d recommend this place 5/5. Try it out and let me know what you think too!

2552 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4R 1H7

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