Feeling Good Equals Looking Good. Knixwear Lingerie

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We’ve all been there. Its a hot summers day, we’re walking a lot, the air flowing up our skirts just isn’t doing it, or worse our jeans are just to warm. There are so many reasons for it, but there really just doesn’t seem to be away around it.

Sweating Vaginas is a thing. Its gross, its uncomfortable and nobody enjoys it.

Being a girl is hard enough with all of our social rules to follow. We are not only expected to feel good all the time, but to look good too.  It is however really hard to feel good about ourselves when we’re walking around feeling wet and sticky.


I used to be a huge fan of going out in the summer and soaking in as much sun as I possibly could. Walking around with my head up, my dresses flowing and a huge smile on my face. It was the most empowering feeling there was for me. I felt and looked good, it was like I was capable of anything in that moment.

However with age, weight gain (main factor here) and hormone development it got harder. The sweat started coming a lot more often than it ever did in the years before. All I ever wanted to do was flutter my skirts to blow some extra air up there, or just carry an extra pair of clothes with me because I hated feeling like I was wet. The sexuality in my step faltered and I no longer wanted anyone looking in my direction. I felt gross.

What makes a Vagina Sweat?

Everyone has two main types of Sweat Glands – Apocrine and Eccrine. Eccrine produce moisture while Apocrine produce small. Depending which one is more dominant in each area determines if your sweat has odour or not.


Our little lady friend is not hidden from these glands unfortunately and we must suffer because of it. Due to a lack of air that does not get the opportunity to reach us there, the heat our bodies feel gets trapped under layers of clothing.

Fat, the devil that it is also insulates our bodies more in certain places than others (thighs for example) and thus escalates the heat we’re trapping in faster than in others.

My Solution:

Thankfully, I recently came across a new solution that has totally changed the game for me. Knix Underwear is not only seamless and comfortable so it can be worn under anything – it is also moisture-wicking and quick drying.


Now for those of you (like myself) who don’t know what Moisture Wicking is, here is the quick two step guide: First, wicking fabric pulls the sweat from your body, then second it sends it to the exterior of the material where it can evaporate or dry more easily. This way you feel drier longer.

These underwear became a life savor for my days out, as well as in. I wear them to work all the time under any type of clothing due to its seamless cut to keep myself fresh and dry while sitting on my ass all day. I wear them to the occasional gym trips, and I especially wear them when I have the opportunity to go out and enjoy a nice hot sunny day exploring my city.

Its hard to give a pair underwear complete control over a woman’s sexuality, femininity and mainly her confidence as of course those factors come from within. But I really do believe that a good pair of underwear can create a huge step in building up the confidence any woman needs in her step. Feeling Good will equal Looking Good.

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