The Future Of Periods

For the years that I’ve had to suffer through the tortures and uncomfortable mess that is periods I’ve always referred to certain types of my panties as my “period panties”. They were those big comfy cotton ones that felt like they covered every inch of me and just made me feel a little bit more comfortable during that one week when I just did not want to feel sexy in any way, shape, or form.

I have recently learnt that my idea of “period panties” was very misguided as there really is such a thing as special underwear designed just for your period. After a lot of research, my clouded mind that has a secret love for the comfort and durability of tampons was amazed at all the products out there for women.

Period Pantiesare special underwear designed and worn for free flow. They are made to be durable and leak proof for that time of the month depending on the heaviness of your flow. There are not too many companies who are producing these, but below are the top ones that we found who are now designing such underwear for the comfort of women.

Now let me be the first to say, they look nothing like my old, ugly, and oh so comfy version of period panties. These are designed for comfort, and security, but with that flare of femininity to allow yourself to feel sexy even when you don’t think you can.


Thinx lingerie has become one of the biggest and well known companies to revolutionize the idea of period panties. With their “stain-resistant smart underwear”, they have come up with four stylish different types of panties to suit any need you have. Unlike the period panties you’ve seen before (and like the ones listed below), these ones are meant to replace your feminine hygiene products and give you a full day of utter protection. Thinx will make you feel beautiful everyday you wear them. From heavy days to a light spotting, Thinx has got you covered- literally.

With their patented four-layer panties which they have called: β€œThinx Quadtech,” they promise to ensure you will never have to experience another embarrassing leak again. These layers consist of: a top moisture-wicking layer, a breathable, anti-microbial stain-resistant layer; an absorption layer that can hold up to 2 to 6 teaspoons of blood; and a thin, leak-proof layer. All of the layers are very thin giving you the same protection as a pad or panty liner, without the bulk and discomfort of them.

With their cute designs, and sexy lace detailing, Thinx will change the way you see and think of periods.



Dear Kate is a period panty with the promise of style and class. With different colours and cuts, their designs are modern and sexy.

With their patent pending leak-resistant underwear, Dear Kate produces a revolutionary fabric that includes three layers- each doing three separate tasks for you. You have a layer that prevents staining (for your heavier days), leakage protection and wicking.

With your Dear Kate panties you can choose from mini lining (promised to hold up to 1 teaspoon of liquid) or the full-lining (promised to hold up to 3 teaspoons of liquid). Since these panties won’t hold up enough liquid to last you a full heavy day, it is highly recommended to resort to them on your lighter days. They are NOT meant to be a replacement for your everyday feminine hygiene products, but they are a way to feel more secure from leakage for your heavy flow and staining days.


The Luna company will give you not one but two great products under their line. With the LunaPanties, and the LunaPads, you are sure to be covered in any situation.

This company has come up with an environmentally friendly way to take care of your messy business with their reusable pads. The Lunapanties are a pair of underwear that can be bought single or in a pack of three (with a menstrual cup as a little gift from them to you) that has insert pads sewn into the lining so you can wear them, wash them, and wear them again! Currently the panties are available in hipster, brief, bikini and thong cuts.

These panties are great for lighter days as they are just panties with extra padding in the crotch area giving you more protection against leakage. The great thing about them however is that you can add in the lunapads for the protection you need. with extra loops sewn into the underwear, you can add absorbent inserts the same way you would wear one time use pads.

What we truly love about the LunaPads and Panties is that they really are environmentally friendly. Just by purchasing a few LunaPads you can continuously reuse your pads without having to spend money monthly to buy new packs of pads from your nearest shoppers.


As a Canadian, I get very excited when I find products based out of Canada. Makes me feel like our country is really making it in the world.

Founded only a few years ago in 2010 DRC Underwear based out of our very own Montreal, is a leakproof panty line. Sadly they are currently only offering two styles right now: a mid-waist and a high-waist. What I love about the company is that they are one of the few that actually do offer you that high-waisted look. As many companies believe that girls only feel sexy in low waist, sometimes you do need that tummy control when you’re bloated and cranky (and that doesn’t make you any less sexy!).

Each one of the DRC Panties is promised to hold up to four ounces of liquid. DRC offers its buyers three levels of absorbency in their panties: light, moderate, and super giving you any level of protection that you may need at any time.



The HareBrained  line began as a Kickstarter and really took off with their adorable designs really explaining how most of us feel when on our flow. This company described their panties as: “Fun underwear that high-fives you for having ovaries and serves as a friendly reminder to others!”.

Now thats a statement I’d like the world to know when I refuse to put pants on at home.

The HareBrained line has designed their panties to be a party on the outside and all business within the inside. They have designed the inner crotch to be double panelled with black material to secure and hide any leaks, and left the back and front side panels to be white. Again these panties will not protect you from your heavy flow but perhaps save you on your last days of ms.flow so don’t drop your hygiene products just yet on day one through three!

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