The Pleasure In Comfort: Enjoy Leggings a Subscription Box

Note: Funded Post

Before I start, I would just like to point out that I am a HUGE fan of leggings. I disagree greatly with people who shame others for wearing them because I love them.

I think they are comfortable, and can be styled up with any outfit to go out or stay in. They are no longer just pants to be worn while working out or sitting on the couch- but something that you can now wear everyday if you feel like it.

So realistically when I came across the EnjoyLeggings Subscription Box I had to be a part of it! For only $16.95USD a month (or $49.95/ 3months) for a pair of leggings I figured it to be a steal.


EnjoyLeggings offers insanely cute and fun designs which I love. They are different than what I would normally wear as I do tend to stick to the usual plain black pair- but they do add some fun into my wardrobe that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

Once trying on my new pair of leggings, I was first off very excited by the fact that they fit great. I got a size Small, and because they are so stretchy, I was able to pull them up above my belly button which I don’t mind as it hides my belly and takes away the awkward lining with tight shirts on the hips.


They were probably one of the softest materials I have ever felt and were beyond comfortable which is a huge win in my books. Made out of 92% polyester & 8% spandex they were soft on the inside and out – it was like wearing a cloud if that makes sense.

The pattern on them was very tribal aztec – with a royal blue background and contrasted blues, yellows and pinks over top in different triangle patterns. It was very eye catching and different than what you see everyday. They are however a bit too exciting to wear with more colour and in my opinion would either have to be worn with a plain black or white long shirt if worn out. They are perfect for working out as they really pump up your mood with their fun pattern and have that comfortable stretch to them.


Overall, I loved them and for the price of the box I think they are totally worth it. But I would think getting a funky pair like these monthly would be a bit much for me as I wouldn’t wear so many pairs that often. This print in particular is a bit out there for everyday use in my opinion since I don’t work out and wear my leggings to work a lot; but they are perfect for lounging at home, or running quick errands. These are now my new favorite couch potato pants though as I still can’t get over just how incredibly soft the material feels on!

In my case- if I were to subscribe to this box, I would probably go for their 3 Month Prepay Plan for $49.95. This way I get 3 new pairs of leggings for an insanely good cost – and I would probably repeat this plan twice a year taking a break in between to stretch out the use and abuse of them.

How It Works:

“When you sign up for Enjoy Leggings, you will receive a new pair of fun and fashionable leggings every month, shipped straight to your door. No more shopping headaches. Sign up once, that’s it! A portion of all profits goes to support charities that help promote positive body image for girls and women”.

Signing up to this box is very easy with their quick 3 step process. Once you are ready to go simply select your size [Sizing Options: Small (2-4) ; Medium (6-8) ; Large (10-12) ; Plus (14-18)] and choose how you want to pay. The amazing team at EnjoyLeggings will do the rest for you.

Begin your Subscription Signup Now at EnjoyLeggings.  

Subscriptions made before the 15th of the month will get you your first box the same month. Anything done afterwards will get you yours the following month.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity so shop now!

If you have a product you’d like reviewed or just want to talk please Contact Us and let us know! We love hearing from you.

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